Affiliate Program Terms of Service

When you sign up as an affiliate member on the Hostada Services Inc. website, you must accept the following terms of service and conditions and comply with it at all time. Hostada Services Inc. will often be referred as "we", "us", "our", or simply "Hostada".

Your role in this program

By enrolling yourself into our affiliate program you become one of our affiliate member. You will have the opportunity to promote our web hosting services, but it shall be clear that at any given time, you do not work for us neither represent us.

Self Referral

You will not earn a commission on the purchase of your own personnal hosting accounts. It is forbidden to use your affiliate identifier to buy hosting services for yourself. If you do so, you will not earn commission and your account could be terminated.

Using Links and Banners

As an affiliate member of our website, you may use any kind of promotion you want to bring customer on our website, except spam. You cannot use any kind of spam at any time. If we suspect that you may use or may have use any kind of spam process to bring people on our website, your affiliate account will be terminated right away and you will lose any unpaid amount of money in your account.


For every customer that you refer on our website, we will pay you 40% of any annual web hosting plan these customers buy on our website, before taxes. For example, if the customer buy a web hosting plan which cost $5.49 per month, he will pay $65.88 and you will gain $65.88 / 100 * 40 = $26.35. If the customer use any promotional code in his order, we will substract the amount of the promotional code on your commission. You may earn a commission for web hosting plans you refer only. You will not earn commission for domain names or other products or services you refer.

Also, for each customer that you refer who renew his web hosting plan in the future, you will be paid 10% in a recurring way. For example, if the client renew his plan with us for 5 years, you will earn 10% each year during 5 years.

We will pay any due balance at the first of each month, after a request has been made by you. We will wait at least 30 days before confirming any of your referral commissions. If a customer you refer appears to make a fraudulent transaction, or cancel their services with us within 30 days, you will not be paid any commission for this given order.

Paid Search Policy

You can't bid on keywords containing Hostada trademarks, including but not limited to : "Hostada", "hostada", Hostada Hosting", "", "", "Hostada reviews" and its equivalent in French. You are prohibited from using as a display URL.

Terms of the Agreements and Modifications

The term of this Agreement will begin once you enroll in our affiliate program. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time.