About Hostada

Who is Hostada?

Hostada is a fast and reliable web hosting company. We provide a fast and secure environment for your website, as well as an excellent client support service. Our customers satisfaction is our top priority.

Our web hosting services

Fast, secure and affordable. These would be the 3 words describing the best our web hosting services. We try as hard as we can to provide the lowest price on any products we offer while maintaining the highest standards. With us you will not only have a really fast web hosting environment, but you will also get an awesome support service if needed.

Our servers performances

We provide high performance and reliables servers to our customers. We guarantee a 99.9% uptime service. The data center is equipped with :

  • Double systematic power
  • UPS 250 KVA each
  • Generators with an initial 48 hours autonomy
  • 2 network rooms which can take over one of the other


Our servers are located in a safe and secure environment in which there is video surveillance and security guards 24h/7. The data center is secured with badges access and only accredited employees have physical access to computer servers. The data center is also fully equipped with fire-suppression systems. We also have anti DDoS (Denial-of-service attack) protection on all our servers. Your website will be totally safe with us.

Have other questions?

First, take a look into the Knowledge Base, the answer to your question if probably there. If you still have questions, or simply want to get in touch with us, feel free to contact us.